2nd Indian LAA Battery

2nd Indian LAA Battery was raised as part of 1st Indian LAA Regiment (earlier called the ‘U’ LAA Regiment) in January 1941. It had Punjabi Brahmin troops while 3rd and 6th Indian LAA Batteries were composed of Punjabi Mussalmans.

1st, 4th and 5th Indian LAA Batteries were raised and retained as Independent LAA Batteries though the 1st went to Singapore with 1st Indian HAA Regiment in August/September 1941 as part of the reinforcements for Malaya Command.

With the 1st LAA Battery ‘lost’ in Singapore in February 1942, this became the senior most LAA Battery of Indian Army.

The Battery was deployed in Bengal, as part of 1st Indian AA Brigade before coming under 9th AA Brigade , RA. The Battery later served with the regiment in Assam under 3rd Indian AA Brigade.

It was only in March 1945 that it saw service with a field formation when it served as part of 4 Corps under 14th Army of Slim. In a reshuffle, the Battery with its parent Regiment came under 24 AA Brigade, RA which took over the responsibility of lower Burma – the brigade was itself subsequently re-organised as 61 AGRA(AA).

Here, the gun detachment brushes up its knowledge of aircraft recognition.

The gun detachment is ‘stand-by’ with the gun loaded and ready for action. Note the Detachment Commander on his swivel chair on a ‘look out’ with his shades and binoculars.

The Gun Detachment has now taken post and the Detachment Commander is scanning the skies for any enemy aircraft though this looks more of a ‘posed’ photograph than of actual operations ( The Commander is still sitting on his chair!)

The Battery remained part of 1st Indian LAA Regiment till 1946 when it was replaced by 7th Indian LAA Battery of 2nd Indian LAA Regiment. This made the 1st LAA Regiment a ‘pure’ Muslim Regiment and led to its transfer to Pakistan Army in 1947.

Unfortunately, it was 8th HAA Battery (Ahirs) of 2nd HAA Regiment that went to 2nd Indian LAA Regiment to fill the void and 2nd LAA Battery was also lost for ever.