Pakistan Inducts LY-80 Surface to Air Missile System

The Pakistan Army inducted the Chinese-built LY-80 self-propelled surface-to-air missile (SAM) system in March 2017.

The LY-80 is the export variant of the HQ-16 SAM system, which is used by China’s People’s Liberation Army and was introduced in the Chinese armed forces in September 2011. It is based on a joint development of the Russian Buk-M1 (SA-11 ‘Gadfly’) and Ural/Buk-2M (SA-17 ‘Grizzly’) Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) systems. The HQ-16A can engage aerial targets at ranges up to about 40 kilometers, at an altitude from 400 to 10,000 meters.

The basic LY-80 unit consists of a command-and-control (C2) cell made up of a surveillance radar vehicle and a C2 vehicle and three firing batteries.

Each firing battery consists of a tracking and guidance radar vehicle and four vertical launchers each armed with a missile pack containing six in two rows of three. These containers are tilted back so that the missiles can be fired straight up, just as they are from VLS (Vertical launch System) cells. In firing position, the wheels are raised off the ground and the carriage is supported at four points by hydraulic jacks, two at the rear and one on each side.

The HQ16A (LY-80) SAM components comprise a searching radar vehicle, command vehicle, radar tracking and guidance vehicle, launcher unit vehicle, and missiles canister. Technical support equipment includes missile transportation and loading vehicle, power supply vehicle, maintenance vehicle, and missile-test equipment. A single radar guidance vehicle controls two to four launcher units with six missiles ready to launch. The command vehicle is responsible to send target information and combat orders.

The searching radar vehicle is equipped with solid-state S-band 3-D passive phased-array radar mounted on the top of a mast. When the target is detected, the searching radar vehicle performs automatic IFF (Identification Friend-or-Foe), threat judgment, flight path processing and provide target engagement information for the tracking-and-guidance radar. The S-band radar has a range of 140 km and can detect targets flying at an altitude of 20 km.

The tracking and guidance radar vehicle performs target acquisition and tracking, and identification of target types. It also controls the missile launching and illuminates the target after the missile is fired. L-band passive phased-array radar is mounted at the rear of the vehicle and has a range of 85 km. The L-band radar can detect up to six targets and track four of them, and provide fire-control/guidance for up to eight missiles


Technical Specifications

Guidance Inertial guidance and intermittent illumination
Range 3-42 Kilometers
Missile Speed Mach 3
Launch weight 690 Kg
Missiel warhead 70 Kg
Missile Dimensions Length    5.010 meters

Diameter   0.340 meters


Pakistan Army inducts Chinese-made LY-80 SAM system

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HQ16A LY-80 Ground-to-air defense missile system

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