Pakistan Air Force Losses to AAA in India Pakistan War 1965

Total PAF losses during the War     


Details of PAF Aircraft Shot Down by AAA

Date Aircraft Location Remarks
3 September F-86 Sabre Akhnoor Bridge Havildar Perumal C

27 AD Regiment

5 September F-86 Tawi Bridge Havildar Pothu Raju

27 AD Regiment

6 September F-86 Halwara
6 September B-57 230 SU Amritsar
6 September F-86 230 SU Amritsar
6 September B-57 Jamnagar
7 September F-86 Kalaikunda Havildar Madlai Muthu

28 AD Regiment

8September F-86 230 SU
8 September F-86 Jammu
9 September F-86 Halwara
9 September B-57 Halwara
10 September 2x F-86 Bagdogra
11 September 2x F-86 230 SU
11 September F-86 Pattan
12 September 2x F-86 Pasrur
12 September F-86 Suchetgarh
13 September F-86 Gurdaspur Railway Station
14 September B-57 Adampur
15 September F-86 230 SU
18 September F-86 Kasur
22 September 2x F-86 230 SU



Note – While Chakarvorty gives a total of 19 F-86 Sabres shot down by ground fire in the summary as given on page 270, a reading of Chapter IX- The Air War shows that a total of 21 F-86 Sabres shot down by AAA/ ground fire, as per the details given in the table above. Apparently, two of the 21 F-86 Sabres are included as ‘unidentified’ in the summary.


Reference – BC Chakravorty, “History of Indo-Pakistan War – 1965” (History Division, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, New Delhi, 1992), pp. 245-76.



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