Indian Anti-Aircraft Artillery: Gallantry Award Winners in World War II

The following personnel of Indian Anti-Aircraft Artillery were awarded gallantry/ distinguished service medals during the World War II.

Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

8953                Lt Col   John Rowley Williamson        1 Indian HAA Regiment                    

Military Cross

162868            Lt         John Ashcroft Hopson1 Indian HAA Regiment                   

201670            Lt         F. D. Webber               3 Indian LAA Battery               

201657            Lt         L. L . Nash                    3 Indian LAA Battery               

Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

3957                Lt         Sultan Khan     1 Indian  LAA Regiment                                  

Indian Order of Merit (2nd Class)

7586                Subedar           Nur Khan         3 Indian LAA Battery               Burma

Indian Distinguished Service Medal

AAA/1165       Havildar          Sham Lal         1 Indian HAA Regiment                      

AAA/5122       Gunner            Balbir Singh     1 Indian HAA Regiment                                 

AAA/1991       Havildar          Hakim Khan     3 Indian LAA Battery               

AAA/2665       Driver Mech    Rahat Ullah     3 Indian LAA Battery                          

AAA/4052       Gunner            Sudha Khan     3 Indian LAA Battery               

AAA/8837       Gunner            Hari Singh       8 Sikh LAA Battery                               

AAA/7510       Gunner            Mehnga Singh8 Sikh LAA Battery                               

AAA/5562       Havildar          Surat Singh      2 LAA/AT Regiment                             

Mention in Desptaches

                        Lt                     P. I. Taylor       3 Indian LAA Battery                           

1560427          Sgt                   A Clough          3 Indian LAA Battery                           

17777              Jamadar          Abit Ali            3 Indian LAA Battery               

AAA/2016       Havildar          Sardar Khan     3 Indian LAA Battery               

AAA/1874       L/Naik            Sher Khan        3 Indian LAA Battery               

AAA/1858       Havildar          Abdul Ghani                            

AAA/2193       Havildar          Alam Khan                               

AAA/132         Havildar          Parma Nand                            

AAA/9097       Havildar          Prakasm Swaminatman                                 

AAA/1744       Havildar          Rashan Din                              

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