Indian Aircraft Losses to AAA in India Pakistan War 1965

Indian Losses during the War

Total aircraft lost in Air                   –           38

Total aircraft lost on ground          –           37

Total losses                                       –           75


IAF Losses in Air

Shot down in Air to Air Combat    –           15

Losses to AAA                                  –           8

Losses to own AAA                         –           1

Technical failure/Accidents          –           10( Including two aircraft hit by AAA and

subsequently crashed)



Details of IAF Aircraft Losses due to Pakistan AAA

Date Aircraft Place Pilot Sqn Remarks
Sep 1 Mystere Chhamb Fg Offr SV Pathak 220
Sep 8 Hunter Kasur Fg Offr MV Singh 7
Sep 9 Mystere Lahore Fg Offr IF Hussain
Sep 10 Mystere Chawinda Fg Offr DP Chinoy 31
Sep 11 Mystere Lahore Sqn Ldr RK Uppal 1
Sep 13 Mystere Pasrur Flt Lt TS Sethi 31
Sep 13 Mystere Kasur Flt Lt L Sadarangani 8
Sep 22 Hunter Lahore FLt Lt KC Cariappa 20


Losses due to AAA but Not Attributed

Sep 7 Hunter Sargodha Sqn Ldr ON Kacker 27 The aircraft was hit by AAA during the raid over Sargodha resulting in Booster pump failure due to which the aircraft crashed.
Sep 7 Mystere Rahwali Sqn Ldr Jasbeer Singh 3 Aircraft was hit by AAA during the raid on radar station at Rahwali resulting in the Mystere hitting the ground while returning to base


IAF Losses due to own AAA (Fratricide)

Sep 22 Mystere Lahore Flt Lt PR Ramchandani 3 Sqn



Total Losses to AAA

Aircraft shot down by Pak AAA                              –           8

Aircraft hit by AAA and subsequently crashed      –           2

Aircraft shot down by own AAA                             –           1

Total losses due to AAA                                           –           11

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