Indian AA Artillery at VJ Parade 1945

On 15 June 1945, a VJ Parade was held at Rangoon in which 2 Indian LAA Regiment took part. The parade was reviewed by Lord Mountbatten.

LAA Guns waiting in marshalling area
LAA detachments lined up for parade

Two  SP guns of 7/2 Battery, one SP gun of 8/2 Battery and one SP gun of 9/2 Indian LAA regiment took part in the parade, with the 6/2 Indian LAA Battery providing  LAA defence of the parade area.

LAA detachments going past the saluting dias

Contingents of the Regiment were commanded by Capt. Noddings and Lt Lashkar Singh.

1st Indian LAA Regiment at VJ Parade, Delhi

Later, at Delhi a VJ Parade was held in which the 1st Indian LAA Regiment participated.